A few mornings ago while sipping my coffee, I picked up the Toronto Star and suddenly my eyes fell on a puzzling headline: The Greying of Canada. Delving further into the paper I came across another headline: Let Us Prepare for the Grey Revolution. My curiosity lead me to the startling news that the latest census had shown that there were now more seniors than children in Canada: the first time since Confederation that this has ever happened.

There are now 5.9 million Canadian seniors, compared to 5.8 million Canadians 14 and under.  These statistics peaked my curiosity: How will this affect women; since more of us are now living to be 100 years old? Hello!

Older women are an integral part of the greying population. Ignoring this is not an option.

This phenomenon needs more than just changing our hair dye or the latest fashion trend.

We’re talking about health care, proper housing, retirement age, and a host of other implications. Since research has shown that women usually live to be older than men, resulting in social, emotional and financial challenges, it is imperative that we focus more specifically on manageable practices that can assist us in dealing with the bigger issues. Let us, in a disciplined manner, adapt some of the on some of the following practices:

  • Develop a manageable plan to improve and maintain proper health practices on a daily basis
  • Focus on the emotional , social, financial and spiritual aspects of life
  • Let go of negative situations and people that impede your happiness
  • Regard retirement as a transition to a life based on what you have always wanted to do
  • Be thankful for your blessings and use them to assist others
  • Revitalize and maintain practices that will expand your mind and strengthen your heart : e.g. reading, yoga, meditation ,exercising on a regular basis
  • Convince the “younger folks” that you are wiser than they are : then teach them to listen to some life lessons that you know they will need
  • Seize every opportunity to PRAY AND LAUGH many times per day.

I urge you to invite me to your 100th Birthday party. I’ll bring a healthy Jamaican dish, and show you some of my Zumba moves.

Sisters, we all deserve a long and happy life because, WOMEN ARE WORTHY.

In Sisterhood!


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