It is springtime not only in our gardens but also for  the prospects of my consulting business “Women Are Worthy”.
A few weeks ago I met Nadine Spencer, a most capable,caring Strategic Marketing Consultant who is giving me direction , superb service, as well as hope for the advancement of my business. She is helping me to improve my services to women of all ages, cultures and religions.

Yesterday as I listened to Oprah tell the audience on “The Talk “that she was quite excited that she will be offering her services to “60 Minutes ” mostly because she will be able to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves , I felt empowered to continue moving forward, in my humble way , to be the voice of my Sisters who have never been heard.

With your anticipated support “Women Are Worthy” will continue, even more vigorously to assist you with step-by-step strategies so that you will gradually be able to speak for yourselves and for others as we all move on knowing that we are indeed worthy.

May your lives continue to bloom in this beautiful springtime ahead as you continue to be a blessing for those who need your voice.

In Sisterhood!


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