I am sure you have all been awash in a sea of Christmas songs, decorations, memories and tasks to be done before December 25th… Jesus’ birthday.
Naturally many of us feel that we can work miracles with getting the shopping done, preparing for the impending trip or the arrival of family and friends, keeping children and grandchildren cheering for that special gift, as well as scheduling time to do the nails, the hair and a well-deserved facial.
Guess what? You do not have to do it all. You can delegate. Stop micro-managing and accept well-needed help from others who might not do things the way you would like, but who are willing to give their assistance.
Most importantly, since all our actions for the coming weeks are supposed to be a response to Jesus’ birthday, let us remember that without His help we will only be a tired, worn-out bundle of stress.
We can’t prepare for Jesus’ birthday and leave Him out of the picture, so I urge you to remember during this coming week what Christmas is all about. Show love to someone who least expects it. This is a lonely and sad time for so many people who are hurting.
Jesus is no longer a baby. He is watching us.

In Sisterhood!

Ettie R

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