Now that the new year is here, do you sometimes wonder what lies ahead and if you will be able to accomplish even some of the resolutions that you have made?
Since the start of the year, many people have confessed that they usually forget their resolutions after a few weeks. So how can we be more intentional about our actions during the coming months? I suggest that we focus on manageable goals in order to develop practical guidelines regarding the who, what, where, why and when to steer us ahead. In my recent reading, I learned from Gary Ryan Blair, a personal coach who assists clients in building and sustaining optimal performance in every day life, that we must deliberately and forcefully pursue our goals within the first 100 days of the new year, because it is during those first three months that we set the pace that will determine our achievements until December.
Although it is commendable to hope for this year to be better than the last, we need to realize that dreams do give birth to not only positive but also negative changes, so we must strive to use the challenges, which are sure to come, as stepping stones to soar ahead.
While dreaming during the month of January, let us strive to boost our confidence by practicing thankfulness, simplicity, order and harmony in order to minimize the chances of worrying about the future.
I urge you to Dream! Plan! Learn! Pray! Count your blessings!
Keep on Soaring!
In Sisterhood!
Ettie Rutherford
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