Hello Supporters,
As we move into the new year, it is with pleasure, sincere gratitude, and a sense of anticipation that I salute you as you make lofty resolutions to assist you in achieving your goals during the months ahead.
If you are like me, there have been some years when resolutions were discarded because of distractions, unexpected events, procrastinations and frustration because of the things that I was not able to do to my satisfaction.
However, I have decided that this year will be different; so here is my plan which I am sharing with you.
  • Focus on realistic resolutions
  • Identify your strengths and forget the tasks which you do poorly. Delegate!
  • Set priorities and discard any action or anyone who will not move you toward your goals. You do not need a Jonah on your boat.
  • Take time for self…you cannot succeed if your life is dominated by stress
  • Create meaning in your life by starting a new activity that will boost your self-esteem.Learn to swim, play the piano or devote daily time to reading uplifting books
  • Strive to help others who are less fortunate while cultivating relationships with people who know more than you do
  • Be disciplined by sticking to a simple plan with a doable timeline. A plan without a timeline is a daydream
  • Love yourself and get rid of all negative thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions.
  • Know and accept that life will always have challenges. It is God’s way of strengthening us
  • Give daily thanks for your blessings
Go forth and adhere to your resolutions. The year ahead is yours.
You are worthy!


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