Are you guilty, as many of us are, of dwelling on the past, and focusing on the things that did not go well?
Wouldn’t it be much better to rejoice and enjoy the blessings that we are experiencing in the present? Wouldn’t it be better to use our negative experiences as stepping stones and as lessons to enable us to move forward with our lives?
I recently read a quote which said, “Returning to the past means you are multiplying your mistakes and your suffering.” Why is that so?
It might be our inclination to believe that we are powerless against the tug of our negative memories, so we allow ourselves to visit previous times that were counter-productive, instead of developing tools that will help us to grow with confidence and great expectations. Realizing that how we think determines the view that we have of ourselves and our capabilities, it is imperative to minimize negative thoughts which cripple us from planning. achieving our goals and assisting others.
There is a reason why drivers do not spend too much time looking in their rear-view mirrors. They focus on the windshield and the road ahead or else they would crash before reaching their destination. However, periodically looking in the rear-view mirror and the mileposts along the way show how far they have travelled. A real confidence booster!
Here are some suggestions for edifying the present while planning the future:
  • Get rid of the “poor me “syndrome.
  • Forgive those who have hurt you in the past.
  • Solicit help to move forward.
  • Focus on positive thinking.
  • Share your blessings while learning from those who might be less fortunate.
  • Acknowledge God’s blessings by writing in a Gratitude Journal every day.
Let us strive to Keep our Wind-shield wipers going to clarify the future for our lives, our businesses and our relationships.
In Sisterhood!
Ettie Rutherford
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