It’s Mother’s Day again.

Mother’s Day, celebrations, which began in the United States of America in the early 20th century, continues in over forty countries. It was first started by Julia Ward Howe to honor the mothers of soldiers who had been killed in the war. She created chapters as far away as Rome, and London.

This year as we salute mothers let us remember to say a special prayer for single mothers, those women spurned by spouses and society at large. Let us pray for women who are not birth mothers, but have adopted other people’s children, for foster mothers, for teen-age mothers, and posthumously for the souls of the many who will not see their children reach adulthood because they have been killed through acts of violence.

My hope is Mother’s Day 2017 will be enriched with God’s special blessings for mothers of every age, race, religion and culture!

In Sisterhood!


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