One of the highlights of my day is spending time in the library. I have always had a fascination for books and words which can vividly tell a complete story without too much elaboration. Words stimulate my perceptions and clarify my thoughts. Through this medium I relive the years from long, long ago when as a four-year-old growing up with my grandmother, and uncles I discovered a new world after they taught me how to read.

Consequently, for me every visit to the library is a new awakening. Today was no exception. I came across these words:

She sits in a boardroom of powerful men who undermine her confidence as she tries to persuade them to support a law that women need to improve their lives – and she fails”.

“So, what’s new?” some may ask.

“Time for situations like that to stop” is my reply.

Such an example belies the myth that women who have climbed the corporate ladder, by working against all odds to prove their abilities and their worth, do not experience emotional abuse. On the contrary the emotional abuse increases as women show that they are as capable as their male co-workers. The fear that they are a threat to men’s accomplishments in the family and the workplace fuels the need to debase, dehumanize, and marginalize women’s capabilities.

How dare you show your intelligence?

Where then do we go from here?

First women must realize and acknowledge how much of a threat they are to those who feel threatened. Secondly thy must brings awareness by having “the conversation” with their Sisters, and men of goodwill. With increased confidence and support as they bring about meaningful improvements they must educate and support other women who will eventually have to maintain our fight for equality.

What do you think?

In Sisterhood!


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