Growing up in Jamaica with my grandmother was for me a real learning experience, not only because of the things she did but more so because of the things she said. Quite often she would remark that certain people needed to “straighten out their head”, suggesting that they did not seem to be having any peace of mind. What she really meant was that the people in question seem agitated, worried and were dealing with sadness, worries, and unanswered questions…
in other words, they had no peace of mind.
Research has shown that it is life changing when we realize that wrong thought are the root of our problems. Wrong thoughts about past challenges, future challenges which “might appear”, as well as poor self-esteem erode our peace of mind, resulting in stress as a daily companion, and eventually stress-related illnesses.
Joyce Meyer, a woman who has changed my life, says in her book, BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND, that a whole new world opens up when we learn to choose our own thoughts rather than allowing our thoughts to rule our thinking and fill our heads with things that will destroy us.
So, let us make a conscious effort to do the following:
  • Acknowledge the extent to which our minds control our thoughts and actions
  • Focus on the present, with its challenges and blessing
  • Refuse to worry unnecessarily about the past and the future
  • Focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses
  • Refuse to sweat the small stuff
  • Develop rituals of success to celebrate your victories
  • On a daily basis, make sure to Read! Write in a Journal! Exercise! Pray!



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