A few years ago, after publishing my first book, Women Are Worthy: Why Perch Like A Chick When You Can Soar Like an Eagle? I was amazed by how many women came forward to say that before reading my book they were completely unaware of facts regarding emotional, mental and psychological abuse which I had described as a part of my experience with my ex-husband before he abandoned me and my four children in Alberta.
Fast forward to the present time and I see the same situation where far too many women are just as unaware of basic facts regarding what really constitutes sexual abuse towards women, a topic which has dominated the news media for the last few weeks.
It is worthwhile for us to arm ourselves and our daughters, with some basic facts since research shows that most sexual abuse continues to be experienced by women, by girls as young as two years old, by college students, by senior citizens in nursing homes, as well as women with physical and mental disabilities. Being knowledgeable of some basic facts regarding the world-wide degradation of girls and women by sexual deviants makes it necessary for us to realize the following.
Sexual abuse includes:
  • Using positions of authority, dependence and or threats, to force someone to engage in a sexual act
  • Touching someone sexually without their permission
  • Engaging in sexual acts with someone who is incapable of giving consent because of: being drunk, asleep, or unconscious
  • Exhibiting unwanted sexual attention through “wolf-whistling” or making sexualized comments about women’s bodies
  • Having sex with an underage child
  • Committing a sexual act with a mentally disabled person who is incapable of understanding the situation
  • Sending sexually explicit texts or images to someone without their consent
  • Exhibiting sexual organs or sexually-explicit art without their consent
  • Sharing unwanted sexually explicit jokes or pictures.
Our upcoming post will focus on “giving consent” which is a misunderstood concept. Let us read and arm ourselves with meaningful information to boost our confidence and effectiveness as we join the struggle to support sexually abused women and girls.
In Sisterhood!
Ettie Rutherford
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