Each day as I read the newspaper and listen to the news I become more aware of the many news items which pertain to the lives of women.

There have been topics such as

  • Empowered or imperiled? Women as Canadian political leaders
  • Countries failing to support breastfeeding
  • Feminists should focus on justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women
  • New 60-second Stress relief
  • Appeal dismissed in Welland rape case
  • Arrested for being an “incorrigible” woman
  • Celine Dion commits radically feminist act
  • Saudi women behind the wheel…ban reversal big win for gender equality.
  • Vanishing point: Why women, minorities get squeezed out of the political race…………..and the topics

Looking at all these vignettes of news it is obvious that these situations which are presented are mere symptoms of a bigger foundational problem. i.e. women’s need to be empowered so that they can take control of their lives in a meaningful way and give hope to others who are being impacted in negative ways. It is noticeable that although many women are leading successful lives, the public is reminded of mostly situations that impact women’s existence in less than positive circumstances.

To change that situation, I think it is imperative for more women to strive to not only succeed but to assist others in doing so in order to overwhelm the media with positive stories of women’s accomplishments. To accomplish that I am suggesting the following:

  • Focus on only a few goals
  • Clarify what goals are urgent
  • Set practical timelines
  • Be disciplined and ignore distractions
  • Identify your support system
  • Be persistent as you employ a clear plan of action
  • Evaluate on a consistent basis

Move forward with confidence, less stress and a feeling of accomplishment as your successes become headlines and give hope to others

Keep on soaring. You are worthy!

In Sisterhood!


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