Some time ago as I sat researching tools for personal upliftment I was intrigued to discover that most people spend approximately seventy percent of their time trying to improve skills which they find difficult, instead of focusing on what they can master with ease. The same people, when asked about their strengths, insisted that they do not have any strength worth mentioning.
However, the secret is out.
Every human being has innate gifts that are varied and unique. However, it is each person’s responsibility to discover those gifts, and activate them to fulfil their life’s destiny. Cultural norms, some religions as well as educational tools have been weapons used to degrade the gifts of the poor, women, the physically disabled as well as cultures which have been deemed inferior. It is, therefore, time to claim your strengths, reprogram your mind and change the negative messages which may have warped your thinking. To do so you need to do the following:
  • Identify the skills or attitudes that have always brought you recognition.
  • Do not take your gifts for granted. They are uniquely yours.
  • Accept praise of your gifts with dignity and pride.
  • Find ways to improve, share, and exchange your gifts with others.
  • Regard your gifts as blessings that have been bestowed on you by God.

In Sisterhood!


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