Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s that time of year again when universal conversations about women’s lives are widened and lifted to a slightly higher level.
On Thursday, March 8th, men and women around the globe will be celebrating International Women’s Day, which was founded in 1910 at an international conference in Copenhagen. The agenda was to protest against poor working conditions, discriminatory practices regarding women’s salaries and other deficits in women’s lives.
Although there has been marked progress we still need to make quantum leaps by working in partnerships with decision‑makers to put into place changes in government legislation, legal ineptitude, educational programs and adequate funding to implement and sustain meaningful improvements in all facets of women’s empowerment.
The unprecedented focus that has lately been placed on the sexual abuse and rape of women, by men in varying areas of power, has alerted everyone to the reality that regardless of race, status, financial standing, religion or age, women traditionally have been used as mere objects of degradation by men who, after decades of unseemly behavior, are now being held responsible for their devastating assault against women.
Strong women have broken the silence!
Since an increasing number of women have been embolden by the voices of brave Sisters who have named their abusers, it is our hope that the “everyday” women who are not as financially independent as Hollywood divas will be encouraged to say, “Me too” as they too are encouraged to tell their stories of abuse.
For this to be a reality let your celebration for International Women’s Day be focused on:
  • Using your strength to empower your less vocal Sisters
  • Being comfortable getting out of your comfort zone and refusing to accept being abused emotionally, sexually or physically
  • Demanding to be always treated with respect, dignity and honor
  • Accosting men whenever you see inappropriate behaviour towards women
  • Educating men and boys in your families about the appropriate treatment of girls and women
Continue to be strong!

In Sisterhood!

Ettie Rutherford

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