December 6 is Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. It commemorates the murder of 14 young women who on this day in 1989, were killed by a man in Montreal, Canada, solely because they were women and should not be attending that institution.
Annually, on this day we recommit to the fight against violence against women of all ages, races, cultures and religions.
December 6 represents an opportunity for Canadians to reflect on the phenomenon of violence against women in our society. It is also an opportunity to consider the women and girls for whom violence is a daily reality, and to remember those who have died because of gender-based violence. And finally, it is a day on which communities can consider concrete actions to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.
Lest we forget, much of the violence is perpetuated not by a deranged stranger, but mostly by family members.
Statistics Canada states that 182 females were killed every year in Canada between 1994 and 2003 and that over 38,000 incidents of spousal abuse were reported to 149 police services across Canada in 200which has such far-reaching-6.
We all need to break the silence that surrounds this situation which has such far-reaching effects, not only on women as victims but on their children as well.
Studies have shown that between 40-60%of assaultive men witnessed wife assault during their childhood and that over 50% of young offenders charged with crimes against people were found to have been exposed to domestic violence.
Please join the conversation to see how you can do your bit to alleviate this devaluation of women’s lives. Why?
Because “Women Are Worthy”
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