A few years ago, I attended a conference, Exposure and Profit, in Toronto. It was  conducted by Kelly Mc Causey and others from the United States . One of the things that Kelley still warns against is the “bright shiny objects syndrome”… the inconsequential that sometimes take us off course. Distractions which might be attractive, but not necessary for our growth. I myself am guilty of striving for things which seem tempting but, after careful thought I realize is not needed for me to achieve my goals.
I now believe that if we focus on the blessings, the knowledge , the strengths, the life that we have, we will find that there is  more than enough; and there will be no need to strive for what we do not have. Too often we are like a person in a rocking chair… keeping in motion, but not getting anywhere, because of a feeling of being busy  which distracts us from putting into action what we should be doing with resources at hand. So, let us:
  • Be thankful for our blessings. We have a better life than millions
  • Re-examine our expectations. Separate needs from wants
  • Assist others who would gladly exchange places with us.
Rocking chair = comfort zone=misguided values.
In Sisterhood!

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