“So what have you been doing?” she asked?

This was the question from my friend when I told her that after a long absence I would now resume blogging on a regular basis, continue working on my second book, and continue improving my business in general.

I explained to her what had been the situation.

In April 2014 all I wanted to do was to buy a new computer, take it home and continue building ‘Women Are Worthy, my consulting business for women.

I had recently had a successful well-attended event to celebrate International’s Women Day; so I was very positive that my business was on the rise. That did not happen.

On my way home, as a passenger in my friend’s car, a young woman ran a red light. Bang! Our car spun around facing the opposite direction. For a time I felt OK. Then everything in my life changed.

Nightmares were my nightly reality. This was the fore-runner of a distinct new life experience for me.

Medical Specialists! Insurance Company! Lawyers. Neglect of my company! Also putting my second book on hold although I had already completed four chapters.

I had the feeling that my ability to control my life was taken from me.

Depression! Anger!

I felt victimized; a situation which I detest.

Although trauma mitigates thoughts, choices, and feelings of being out of control I pretended that everything was normal when I was in public (Thank God for high-heeled shoes and make-up) then I would go home, go back to bed until a few days later when I had to leave my house. I hated being a victim of an inept, callous driver. A victim! No. I am supposed to be the one to whom women come for advice.

In January 2016 I was told by the sixth medical specialist to whom I had been sent “Mrs. Rutherford, I can help you”. I broke down and cried with relief.

10265304 - a person jumps over the word trauma on an arrow, symbolizing the positive effects of theraphy and rehabilitation as well as a good attitude

10265304 – a person jumps over the word trauma on an arrow, symbolizing the positive effects of theraphy and rehabilitation as well as a good attitude

On that day I decided that I could not undo the accident but I could use my strength, which God had given me during past challenges, as a ladder to propel myself forward. I decided to go from nightmares and medication to reclaiming my life. After a lot of prayer and support from my beloved husband and children I am now back on track.

Sooner or later we all find ourselves facing life-changing circumstances.

Here are five (5) suggestions for moving forward when trauma engulf your life:

1. Re-focus

. Decide to move forward, since challenging situations cannot be undone

2. Re-connect

· Reflect on past accomplishments to boost your confidence

3. Re-enter

· Plan the first two actions to move from fear to faith

4. Re-group

· Seek support from reliable sources

5. Re-balance

· Accept the reality that you need to focus on taking the stairs instead of the elevator…just one day at a time.

Courage is looking fear right in the eye and saying, “Get the hell out of my way, I’ve got things to do.“~ Anon

Ettie Rutherford | Helping you build the bridge to crossover from “Can I?” to “I know I can!”.

PS: The journey I am now taking is a culmination of everything that I have been doing for many years. I have always been passionate about working to assist women to realize their dreams, to work together and learn from each other. Please join me on my journey.

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